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Global average connection speed Up 23 per cent

Global average internet connection speed has increased 23 per cent, compared to a year earlier, a new report says.

According to the recently released Akamai Fourth Quarter, 2015 State of the Internet Report, the average internet speed nowadays, globally, is 5.6 Mbps. Compared to a quarter before, the speed increased 8.6 per cent.

This is important because more people are now able to stream broadcast-quality video, and we can expect some crazy statistics this summer during the Olympic Games in Rio.

“This quarter’s report shows great year-over-year growth in average connection speeds and overall broadband adoption,” noted David Belson, editor of the State of the Internet Report. “This is particularly important as consumer expectations rise and many high-profile events, like the summer games in Rio, will be streamed this year. The progress we’re seeing across our key metrics shows that, while there’s still work to be done, more parts of the world are increasingly able to support the delivery of broadcast-quality video content online.”

Looking at the UK, average connection speed rose 27 per cent, to 13.9Mbps, ranking 17th globally. The number of unique IPv4 addresses also rose, 9.4 per cent, in Q4 2015.

In terms of 10Mbps broadband adoption, the UK is 10th in EMEA, with 50 per cent of observed connections above that speed. Compared to the year before, the adoption rose 32 per cent.

The report was based on the data gathered through the Akamai Intelligent Platform, and can be found on the Akamai State of the Internet site.