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Google's cloud chief targets marketing to boost sales

Google’s new cloud chief Diane Greene, a Silicon Valley legend at VMware, has told employees that the company needs to improve with regards to its efforts selling to corporate customers.

It is astonishing that Google, which is typically a technology company which prides itself on high-tech and innovation that is far beyond their competitors' efforts, should regard marketing and sales as a major change in tactics.

However saying that, Google is languishing in third place in cloud computing,behind Amazon and Microsoft. This a tad disappointing as Google first invented the cloud but it was Amazon that made it financially viable and that must annoy them no end.

As a result, Greene wants to implement strategies that can attract a larger user base, hense the need for a larger team of sales and marketing staff. Cloud Computing is technically difficult for enterprises to understand, and Diane Greene has targeted selling and explaining these new products to potential new customers.

"There was a pretty darn good vision in place and now I’m just bringing everybody together so that we all know what we’re doing," said Greene. "The cloud is a revolution, I mean it’s rivaling the industrial revolution, and it’s pretty fun being this involved."

Greene’s new technical consigliere Urs Holzle said, "We know what the recipe is, let’s go apply it everywhere."

Whether Google can make up the distance lost to Amazon remains to be seen, but effective sales and marketing of the product cannot harm.

Image Credit: turtix / Shutterstock