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Wearables will be dead in five years, Britons say

If Britons are to be believed, wearable technology will be dead in five years' time.

Money saving site VoucherCodesPro has conducted a survey, asking 2,170 Britons, aged 18 and more, about the future of wearable technology.

Only 11 per cent said they actually had a piece of such technology, and 68 per cent said they had never even been tempted to buy something of sorts.

When asked where they thought wearable technology would be in five years, 67 per cent said it would be dead. For 17 per cent, wearables will die in the next three years, while 9 per cent think it's here to stay. Seven per cent believe it will take a decade for wearables to fade away.

“Wearable technology is an interesting concept which many people have expressed interest in, but it is clear that with the combination of a high price and fairly small devices, many just have not been tempted to buy,” said VoucherCodesPro's George Charles.

"Seeing as the majority of Brits believe wearable tech is a fad and will be a dead concept within 5 years, maybe it’s time to invest the money and time spent on these gadgets on something a bit more audience friendly.”

When asked to name examples of successful wearables, 69 per cent were unable, with 22 per cent being able to name one (either Apple or Samsung’s smartwatches). Nine per cent were able to give two or more examples.