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How passengers are imagining the airport of the future

New technology is transforming every business in the world, but it's interesting to see how passengers are imagining the airport of the future.

A survey was recently conducted by UK's flight comparison website, asking 2,510 Britons that had flown in the past two years what they think airports will look like in 2050.

From their experience, the respondents said airports needed quicker security processes (27 per cent), the check-in staff needs to be more knowledgeable (25 per cent), and that airports needed more facilities (22 per cent).

By 2050, these travellers believe check-in staff will be replaced by interactive screens (69 per cent), all travellers will need to have transparent suitcases, because of security reasons (65 per cent), and all metal detector machines will be replaced by x-ray machines (42 per cent).

Moreover, they expect airports to build transparent ceilings to see planes landing and taking off (40 per cent), and they expect moving floors to take the queues through the security process (38 per cent).

“It’s interesting to see what people think airports will look like by 2050; we really like the idea of having glass ceilings to sit back and watch planes land and take off, but security-wise we’re not sure if this will get the go-ahead any time soon,” said a Jetcost spokesperson.

“The moving floors to get through queues just sums up the current generation really, giving them more chance to stare down at their phones whilst out and about, reducing the chances of them bumping into others and causing injury – a good idea, but definitely a lazy one. The security measures are definitely plausible though; although we don’t expect see-through luggage to completely replace suitcase scanners as technology and x-ray equipment will always pick up on items that people are trying to conceal. It’ll be interesting to see if any of these concepts are introduced and, if so, how they’re received.”