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While Twitter limps, Instagram is in fifth gear

A new report on the state of social media, globally, confirms what everyone's been talking about lately – Twitter is struggling, and Instagram is taking full advantage of it.

The report, entitled simply 'Social', is the product of GlobalWebIndex, and it is a compilation of the latest trends in social networking.

It shows some interesting stats, including the fact that 92 per cent of online adults have a social platform. What's more interesting, the average adult (aged between 25 and 34), is spending 2hr 12 minutes on social, daily.

"Younger groups, women and the lower income quartile devote the most time to networking,” the report says.

Growth issues Twitter has been facing for quite some time now may be down to the very essence of what the network is used for, the report suggests. Social networks are usually used to stay in touch with friends (44 per cent), and less to keep in touch with the latest news (27 per cent).

Instagram is taking advantage of Twitter’s limping, closing in on the gap – it has retained the title of the fastest growing network, even though only 35 per cent of online adults actually have an Instagram account.

Facebook is still king of the social media, with 85 per cent of all online adults globally having an account on at least one of the company’s services.

Snapchat has turned out to be quite the disruptor of the social media space. According to the report, 61 per cent of Snapcahtters use the service to send messages, and 42 per cent to actually send a photo.

The full report can be found on this link.