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Israeli cyber-security firm linked with the iPhone 5C hack

Now that it's clear that Apple won't be helping FBI with the unlocking of the iPhone 5C, belonging to the San Bernardino shooter, it looks like the American law enforcement agency is turning to some other friends for help.

According to a new report by the BBC, it seems as the Israeli cyber-security firm Cellebrite is working on it.

First, a local paper said they were involved in the case, and the company itself has later confirmed to the BBC that it's working with the FBI. However, they would not say more. So, it might be working on a completely different case.

On the company's website, it says that it is able to extract, decode and analyse the locked file system, those protected by both a simple, or a complex passcode. What's more, on the site it says that it can extract and decode data from Apple's iPhone 5C model – the same model used by the San Bernardino shooter.

Now everyone's tugging Cellebrite's shirt, asking if the company is indeed helping the FBI with this iPhone or not, and a Cellebrite spokesperson said it will have more information for the public soon.

Apple has been locked in a legal battle with the FBI over the locked iPhone. The government is asking the company to unlock it, as the phone might have important information about any terror plans. Apple, on the other hand, says it is unable to unlock the phone, and does not want to include a backdoor for future devices, saying that might have 'chilling consequences'.