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Acer splits, forms two business units

Late last week, Acer announced it is splitting into two major business groups.

The idea behind the split is to “address the diverse development needs of IT hardware products versus cloud services, smart devices and e-businesses,” so that each of the business models can grow faster and more organically, speeding up the overall transformation of the company.

Acer will thus be split into two groups: The Core Business group, and the New Business group.

Core Business is built for product development, and it includes IT Products Business for notebooks, desktops and tablet PCs, together with its Research & Development, all led by president Jerry Kao. It will also include Digital Display Business including monitors and projectors, led by Victor Chien, and Server Products Business, led by general director Evis Lin.

The Core Business unit is topped off by Corporate Business Planning and Operations, with Tiffany Huang in charge.

On the other hand, New Business, designed for cloud services and platforms integrations, consists of the eBusiness Business, with president Ben Wan in charge, BYOC and Smart Products Business, co-headed by presidents Maverick Shih and ST Liew, and Value Lab for the vertical and horizontal integration of technology for new businesses, with Dr. RC Chang, chief technology officer in charge.

Acer has topped the announcement with the news of setting up a wholly-owned investment holding company, as well as placing Andrew Hou, current general manager of the Stationary Computing Business Unit, as the chief of the Pan Asia Pacific operations unit.