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IT budgets to be mostly spent on security and mobile devices

IT budgets for businesses in the US will be mostly spent on security, and mobile devices allowing employees remote working, a new survey has shown.

According to a new survey by Wakefield, 30 per cent of US businesses will spend most of their IT budgets on network and data security, and 28 per cent will spend it on mobile devices allowing employees to work remotely.

The survey has polled 509 US small business owners, and business decision-makers at companies with 500 or fewer employees.

Other survey answers have shown that the average employee uses a printer approximately 10 times a day, and that the printer is the most common device in a company (84 per cent), followed by a scanner (75 per cent).

It was also interesting to see how often people bluff when faced with new technology. According to the report, 51 per cent of people questioned have pretended to know more about how to operate a device than they actually did, a number which grows to 61 per cent among millennials.

The report tops things off by exploring how many people take a 'real' vacation – completely isolating themselves from any and all work activity. Twenty-three per cent of people questioned have never taken a 'real' vacation, and among companies with 50 employees and less – the number jumps to 36 per cent.