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Bitcoin's future is in retail, employees agree

If this new survey is to be believed, the future of retail is going to be an exciting one.

The recently launched Beyond Digital report from Infomentum is based on a poll of UK's employees in the retail sector, and these employees are expecting major changes in how we approach retail.

First and foremost – Bitcoin and similar digital payment options will become the norm by 2020. That's according to a fifth of UK's retail workers.

Secondly, a third of employees believe stores should have a 3D printer, so that people could get instant 3D printed “product downloads” in store.

For 15 per cent, the 'try before you buy' approach will also be transformed with the help of augmented reality, and for 14 per cent, drone delivery services will be a great addition.

“As this report highlights, the next five years will see dramatic changes in the current buyer journey. As new technology alters the marketing, sales and delivery process, retailers must be open to innovation and willing to completely rethink their approach,“ said Vikram Setia, Partner and Chief Commercial Officer at Informentum.

“By 2020, products may be previewed in AR, paid for in Bitcoin, created to order through 3D printing, and delivered by drone to a customer’s door. All while being monitored and managed through the real-time feedback of social media.

“While this array of new technologies may seem daunting for many businesses, retailers must be prepared to think about how such tools are likely to impact their businesses at a long-term strategic level. Those that fail to develop the necessary technology roadmap, will have already fallen behind.”

The full report can be found on this link.