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Desktop users can now save their images to Googles cloud

Google has announced a new feature that will allow desktop users to easily save images on their computers to the cloud. Users familiar with Google Photos will be right at home as this new service will work in a similar way to how the company backs up images on Android and iOS.

Google's cloud-based storage system will allow desktop users the ability to access their saved photos online and from their mobile devices. They will also have the option to add tags to their images, making it much easier to organise and search for photos.

Mark Colbert, a Google software engineer, explained how the new feature would work in detail on the company's blog. When a user finds an image they would like to save to Google's cloud, they just need to click on the star to save it. All of their saved images will be stored on their Google account and can be accessed at The images will also be available on mobile so users can quickly and easily access them when they are out and about.

Currently Google is only offering this new feature to users in the US. However the company will likely rollout this feature globally if it is successful and adopted by users. Dropbox and other services offer similar cloud-based storage but Google has simplified the process of saving images by removing the need to create albums or folders before saving images. Users can quickly save the pictures they want and organise them later using tags.

Google's decision to offer cloud-based image storage to desktop users makes a great deal of sense given how familiar users have become with using this feature on their mobile devices. This will also help the company in its recent attempts to expand both its cloud presence and image searching features.

Image Credit: Alexey Boldin / Shutterstock

Anthony Spadafora
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