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How NTT's WideAngle can take your security to the next level

No-one connected to the internet will have been able to miss the spate of high-profile data breaches that have taken place over the last 12 months or so, with the likes of TalkTalk, JP Morgan Chase and Ashley Madison all taking hits.

These attacks have pushed the issues of cyber security and data protection to the forefront of conversations – amongst both enterprises and consumers alike. And they are unlikely to disappear any time soon, as hackers continue to become more sophisticated and the technology landscape becomes ever more complicated, thanks to growing trends such as cloud computing and the Internet of Things.

From a business point of view, understanding the threat landscape and being able to protect sensitive information against vulnerabilities has never been more important. This is where NTT Communications’ WideAngle Managed Security Services (MSS) comes into play.

All security, all the time

NTT’s WideAngle is a holistic integrated security service that provides the ultimate combination of risk management functions to keep your company secure from cyber attacks, whether in the cloud, on-premises or a combination of both.

The five-step Global Enterprise Methodology (as shown below) is used to paint a complete picture of your security status, through the analysis of Governance, Risk and Compliance, a thorough evaluation based on seven benchmarks and continuous monitoring through secure operations.


The platform consists of three primary components:

  • Consulting service: Your eyes and ears in the external threat landscape by making use of Global Enterprise Methodology (GEM) to analyse risks and provide support in areas such as security monitoring and improvement.
  • Rescue service: The police, fire brigade and A&E all rolled into one, this component aids with incident response and environment restoration from incidents such as unauthorised access, malware infection or information leakage.
  • Vulnerability assessment service: Identifies vulnerabilities in a company’s existing IT environment, acting as your guardian angel to compile the latest vulnerability data and knowledge to make sure the most accurate security information is in your hands, not those of potential attackers.

Powered by the Security Incident and Event Management (SIEM) engine, WideAngle incorporates a multi-layered approach to security to provide safe and reliable intrusion prevention, containment and data protection services.

Peace of mind

If security is an issue that has been keeping you up at night, WideAngle can help put your worries at ease. Risk analysts carry out automated correlation of event logs from the SIEM engine and risk analyst insight to uncover both actual and potential security risks, thus ensuring the multi-layered of your IT infrastructure, from endpoints to networks and servers.

NTT WideAngle

We all know that budgets can be tight, but with WideAngle cost doesn’t have to be an issue, as NTT offers four price levels based on scale and function. This allows users to pick the level that best suits them, based on budget, current security level and risk tolerance.

Furthermore, 900 security experts in 14 countries - supported by risk analysts at Global Risk Operation Centres (GROCs) - provide a truly global, seamless integrated solution by monitoring all day, every day, so you can rest easy knowing your company’s security is taken care of.

For more information, visit the NTT Communications website.