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How to build a winning IT department

It’s March Madness and millions of basketball fans across America are entering pools, updating brackets and streaming games to stay on top of the action.

But before you place your bets, it’s always a good idea to do a little research about this year’s standout teams – and Cinderella stories – to boost your chances of winning the pot.

For IT departments, it’s just as important to be familiar with your organisation's library of assets in order to trim down excess IT and strengthen your infrastructure. Here are a few tips to help you develop a winning enterprise strategy.

Organise a fool-proof bracket

A die-hard fan would never organise their playoff bracket at random. The same should go for organising your enterprise’s IT assets. Having an accurate inventory of software assets helps enterprise remove excessive or outdated software to maximise efficiency and cut costs. In fact, a recent Gartner study revealed that 25 per cent of IT spending goes to waste because of bad data.

The use of IT asset management can help decipher what assets are in an IT department and use the information to optimise budgeting. Protect your most valuable assets by implementing a foolproof IT asset management strategy designed to keep your company’s software licenses up-to-date and secure.

Score some cybersecurity points

Cybersecurity has never been so crucial to enterprise IT, but before any suite of security software or tools can be fully effective, an enterprise must have clean, enriched data that provides insight into the system’s contents and architecture. Threats will always exist but the best defense an enterprise can deploy is to arm itself with the appropriate hardware and software data to avoid threats where possible, and confront them confidently when they do hit home.

Score your IT department some major points by cleaning up excess software data so that when a big bug does strike, you’ll have a comprehensive, automated IT catalog to flag each instance of a potential vulnerability, in an enterprise of any size.

Tone up for the big game

Sudden death playoffs are no joke, giving teams just one shot to eliminate their competition and advance to the next round. In your IT department, the goal of IT asset discovery is to find weaknesses in an enterprises infrastructure by revealing old software that’s slowing down productivity. Once these assets have been identified, get rid of old programs weighing down productivity and tone up your IT department into playoff-worthy shape.

By eliminating outdated software, you can protect your organisation from the risk of hosting undetected security vulnerabilities, which hackers are quick to identify and exploit. If you don’t take the time to manage your IT architecture and anticipate its needs, it’s only a matter of time before it starts to tire out and send you packing.

Walker White, President of BDNA

Image Credit: wavebreakmedia / Shutterstock