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Microsoft and Google - The strangest of bedfellows

Companies are using both Google’s and Microsoft’s collaboration cloud apps at the same time, a new report suggests.

According to Okta’s new Business @ Work Report, Office 365 and Google Apps are ‘the strangest of bedfellows’, complementing each other in the enterprise.

“The easiest way for us to license Office and keep it updated is via Office 365,” the report cites one of the respondents saying. On the other hand, it seems as different departments like using different apps, and by using both – the collaboration within a company can move more seamlessly.

The report also confirms what everyone’s been saying lately – Slack is turning into a business behemoth. Among Okta’s cusomters, in the second half of 2015, there has been a 77 per cent increase in the number of Slack users.

That has started leading people to ask the question if Slack can replace the email.

“While email remains the most widely assigned app today, Slack is picking up speed...and fast. Slack is the 4th most widely assigned app in our network,” the report says.

Other companies, those ‘old school software vendors’, are getting a hang of the cloud, with companies like Adobe, Microsoft, Oracle and SAP becoming more successful with each passing day.

“Whether through internal development or via acquisition, these companies are re-inventing themselves in the cloud.”

For Okta, the digital revolution is (finally) here, as for the first time external identities are surpassing internal identities. Decision makers are forming their opinions around digital business initiatives, and 80 per cent of organisations are building custom apps on their platforms.