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Cloud becoming a popular data backup solution

For World Backup Day, data recovery and ediscovery firm Knoll Ontrack released a new report into the habits and choices of people and companies looking to backup their data.

According to the report, even though physical storage solutions, such as external hard drives, are still the most popular option, cloud is also becoming quite a popular solution.

Here are the numbers: 51 per cent of Knoll Ontrack customers that had lost data, use external hard drivers as means of data backup. That represents a 17 per cent decline year over year, while at the same time, cloud popularity has increased five per cent, to 23 per cent.

“It’s no longer enough to have a backup solution where you just hope for the best,” says Robin England, Senior Research & Development Engineer, Kroll Ontrack UK.

“As our survey results indicate year after year, conducting backups is just one step in an overall backup strategy. Regularly ensuring your backup solution works effectively and the data is accessible is also essential. In cases where oversight or backup failure leads to data loss, consider enlisting the assistance of a creditable and experienced data recovery provider.”

The interesting thing here is that 48 per cent of respondents said they back up their data on a daily basis. So how is it possible that companies are still losing files, despite this practice? According to the report, 22 per cent said their backup solutions didn’t operate correctly, 21 per cent said the device was not included in backup procedures and another 21 also said their backup was not current, rendering the data obsolete.