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Microsoft Cognitive Services will bring AI Intelligence to apps

Microsoft has announced updates to its collection of machine learning tools and has decided to rebrand what was once Project Oxford as Microsoft Cognitive Services.

The Project Oxford site is no longer available and it now redirects to the new Cognitive Services website which gives developers insight into the different ways they can add a more human element to their apps by using Microsoft's APIs. There are currently 22 APIs available which can be used when developing apps for iOS, Android and Windows.

Developers will be able to try out the new services provided by these APIs. While many of them will be free, pricing is listed for some of the more advanced services. The pricing model Microsoft is using is based around the number of transactions made with the most expensive service being the Speech API which will cost $4 per 1000 transactions and the cheapest being the Emotion API at $0.10 per 1000 transactions.

Microsoft chose to rebrand Project Oxford under the Cognitive Services moniker as a nod to IBM's Wilson, which has been marketed as a cognitive computing product.

This was one of the many announcements that the company will be making at its Build developer conference taking place in San Francisco this week. Microsoft has been working on building up the portfolio of services that comprise its Cognitive Services and has been acquiring new APIs to do so.

Now the company is working to allow developers the ability to employ its Cognitive Services in a customised way.

Image Credit: Sarah Holmund / Shutterstock

Anthony Spadafora
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