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Microsoft updates Windows 10 with intelligent apps

This week in San Francisco, Microsoft is holding its Build 2016 conference.

On Wednesday, CEO Satya Nadella announced that the company will be using the power of AI to improve its cloud and to create intelligent bots. Microsoft will also be releasing the Windows 10 Anniversary Update which will bring new innovations for both consumers and developers to the platform.

Developers and businesses will now be able to use the Cortana Intelligence Suite to create new apps, intelligent end-to-end solutions and even bots that can interact with consumers in a more human way. Microsoft Cognitive Services will give developers access to 22 intelligent APIs that can be used to help their apps better understand the natural world and how humans see, speak, hear and interpret the things they see everyday.

The Microsoft Bot Framework will allow them to design intelligent bots programmed in any language that can be used to interact with consumers on multiple platforms including SMS messaging, Office 365, Skype, Slack and the Web. The company also released the Skype Bot Platform to enable developers to create bots that take full advantage of the text, voice, video and 3D interactive characters that Skype uses to help its users communicate with one another.

The Windows 10 Anniversary Update will feature updated versions of Windows Ink, Cortana, Windows Hello and gaming on the platform. Windows Ink will let users write on their Windows 10 devices just as they do on paper with the ability to create sticky notes, draw on a whiteboard and share analog content digitally. Cortana will be receiving a great deal of updates as well and now users can talk to the personal digital assistant throughout the day, including while the device is locked. Windows Hello will further increase the security of Windows 10 to multiple devices and will now work with Microsoft Edge to allow network administrators the ability to log into devices and websites using enterprise-grade security.

Developers who want to begin building intelligent apps with Microsoft Cognitive Services can do so at the project's new site and users who want to try out the updated features included in the Windows 10 Anniversary Update can do so by joining the Windows Insider program and installing the latest build of the OS.

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