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People would be terrified of losing their selfies

Happy World Backup Day, everybody!

As March 31, a date worldwide recognized as the World Backup Day arrived, the mobile memory experts Leef quizzed the UK population to see just how important smartphones are for them, and how often they back such devices up.

It turns out, not so frequently. As a matter of fact, some people don’t even know what backing up actually means.

So here’s the thing. The quiz polled 1,000 smartphone users across the country, and more than half would be terrified of losing their smartphone, mostly because of ‘their selfies and other irreplaceable photos from their smartphone’, the Leef report says.

The percentage jumps even higher, to 62 per cent, among the younger population, aged 16 – 24.

The older generation has more fears of losing their contacts, and still rarely backs up their devices.

On top of it all, five per cent don’t know what ‘backing up’ means.

“Increasingly often people are having great moments and photo opps blighted by the ‘memory full’ pop up on their phone. As we rely on our phones more and more, backing them up is vital! “said David Smurthwaite, Partner at Leef.

“If you don’t back your phone up because you are worried the cloud in unsafe, or you can’t be bothered with a clumsy web of cables – search for a better solution! You don’t want to be left kicking yourself because you’ve lost years’ of precious content…”