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Windows 10 now on 270 million devices

Microsoft's latest operating system (OS), Windows 10, is doing quite fine. In fact, during its annual Build conference, currently taking place in San Francisco, executive Terry Myerson said the OS was installed on 270 million devices so far.

The numbers represent a great start compared to Windows 8, who's suffered some bad reviews, but more importantly – a great start compared to Windows 7.

Ars Technica quotes Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella saying the OS is the "fastest growing version of Windows for both consumers and enterprises.“

Everyone agrees – this great success happened, in most part, thanks to the free upgrade feature, where people already owning Windows 7 and 8 can upgrade to Windows 10 for free.

Heck, there have even been stories of systems upgrading without their master's permission.

But the large uptake still doesn't mean Microsoft is where it wants to be – the company aims at a billion devices in a few years.

The approach mimics other free software models, where businesses first make sure people are using their software, before figuring out how to make money off of it. So far, Microsoft is doing pretty good with the first part.

Microsoft failed to give a breakdown of the types of devices which mostly use Windows 10, an important statistic in a world which revolves around smartphones.

Microsoft wants a larger market share in the mobile department, and we'll just have to wait a bit more to see if it succeeds.