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Adobe and Dropbox expand the partnership to Acrobat Reader

Adobe and Dropbox have announced today that they have expanded their partnership to Acrobat Reader.

The partnership, which started late last year, allowed both Dropbox and Adobe users a simpler way to collaborate and share files, and now the two companies want to do the same for Acrobat Reader, saying it was the consumer feedback that forced them to react.

Now, Dropbox has been integrated into the Acrobat Android app, and the Dropbox team has also updated its Android app, as well, so the integration works both ways.

In order to take advantage of the new offering, Android users should install or update the Acrobat Reader mobile app, and then choose to add their Dropbox Basic, Pro or Business accounts.

Once the connection is made, they will have access to all the PDF files stored in the Dropbox account, straight from Acrobat Reader.

The same thing works from the Dropbox app – after the installation (or update), users will be prompted to ‘do more with your PDF documents’. After tapping to accept, users can launch Acrobat Reader directly from Dropbox to view or edit files.

The benefits of the new integration are easy to notice: you can now edit your PDF files on a mobile device and save these changes directly to your Dropbox folder, as well as share the document with others using a Dropbox link or shared folder.