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Mozilla brings better security to Firefox for iOS

Security has been in the news since Edward Snowden; before actually, just not as prominently. Now, in recent weeks, the headlines have focused on Apple over its iPhone dispute with the FBI, a saga that seems to have come to an end recently.

That is not, however, the only security that needs to be part of our daily lives. Web browsers represent yet another problem and most are working to add layers of protection for customers.

Today the Mozilla foundation announces "we’re adding features to Firefox for iOS to protect your security". What does this entail?

Mozilla explains that it will enable a four-digit passcode to protect the stored user names and passwords within the its browser.

"With this feature, if your phone somehow ends up out of your hands, your passwords have an extra layer of protection", Mozilla states.

Combined with the fingerprint reader and Apple's built-in security, this is a welcome addition to keep your data safe and secure. Security is only as good as the user, though. You have to set it up in order to use it, and also remember to use a strong password.

Photo credit: jijomathaidesigners / Shutterstock