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Ten of the most hilarious IT requests revealed

SolarWinds, an IT management software company, recently asked members of its thwack community to post some of their craziest help desk requests and the responses have been hilarious.

Making an appearance on the list include workers looking for upgraded ‘Wi-Five’, requests for ‘more LAN’ for computers and employees wondering why emails won’t send to postal addresses.

The complete list of replies can be seen on the official thwack community post, but we pulled out some of the best ones into a top 12 list below.

1. Email Undeliverable

Thank goodness we don’t live in a world where our emails take one to three working days to arrive.

image001 (1)

2. Disc Jockey

Please avoid turning your desktop into a CD changer.


3. Out of Range for Wi-Five

Who knows how many ‘Wi’s technological advancements will bring us.

image003 (1)

4. Magenta Alert

Always remember your CMYKs, kids.


5. Batteries Not Included

Because if you don’t need a wire, surely you don’t need any power either.


6. Error: Timekeeping Skills strikes again!

image006 (1)

7. It’s Alive!!!

Sometimes, rather than explaining a problem, it’s best just to say ‘everything’s going to be okay’.


8. Hard of Hearing

We wish this person had stayed mute with their problem.


9. Staying Ahead of the Market

For the record: if changing the stock market from a computer was that easy, this guy wouldn’t be working in IT.


10. Needs More LAN

Everyone knows slow computers need more Landom Access Nemory.


Image credit: Prazis/Shutterstock