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Emerging trends in logistics [Infographic]

As with all industries, logistics has experienced its fair share of digital innovation in recent months and years.

This will come as no surprise to many - especially seeing as the global logistics market is estimated to be worth around $4 trillion - but what exactly has changed? Outsourced logistic solutions firm 2Flow has put together an infographic detailing the industry's recent digital transformation.

The Internet of Things of course gets a mention, with just over 26 per cent of logistics companies currently using machine-to-machine technology and nearly 46.62 per cent planning to implement it in the future. 47 per cent of companies believe that IoT will have tremendous impact on logistics and supply chain management by creating a connected production floor and through equipment and employee monitoring.

Driverless vehicles also get a mention, with 42 per cent of manufacturers and retailers saying that they would like logistics companies to have some knowledge of autonomous vehicles to drive benefits (pun very much intended) such as cost savings.

So, why should these technologies be embraced? 2Flow cites benefits such as increased flexibility, continuity and sustainability as reasons why logistics companies should ensure they are staying on top of the latest digital innovations.

The full infographic can be found below.


Image source: Shutterstock/Chones