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Getronics acquires Colt's managed cloud business

Colt’s managed cloud business has been acquired by the Getronics Family, it was announced on Monday morning. Under the acquisition, Getronics gets to use Colt’s business, and will launch the Managed Cloud Services, which it will provide to its customers.

The financial details of the acquisition were not disclosed.

At the moment of the acquisition, Colt has had around 600 managed cloud customers, spread across 11 countries. Their data centres are based in 12 different European locations.

“This latest deal is a significant one for Getronics because it reconfirms our continued strategy of growth as well as significantly increases our critical mass in the European cloud market, both in terms of additional customers and capabilities,” said Mark Cook, Group CEO at Getronics.

“We welcome our new customers and employees to the Getronics family and are excited to provide a great platform for our mutual continued growth.”

“This is the 6th add-on acquisition to the Getronics family since it was acquired by Aurelius in 2012. It represents the latest step in our sustainable investment in the group, to complement their organic growth,” added Matthias Täubl, Vice President at AURELIUS.

“We are delighted with the progress of the group in realising its digital transformation strategy, on the way to becoming the leading independent ICT Managed Services provider in today’s IT services market”