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Google announces new Acer Chromebase for meetings

Two years ago, Google released Chromebox for meetings to allow companies of all sizes to set up video conferences easily using Hangouts. Now the company has decided to release a new Chromebase for meetings from Acer, tailored at providing the same functionality in small spaces.

The newest Chromebase from Acer will feature a large 24-inch adjustable touchscreen display. The device will also include an adjustable integrated HD camera, 4 microphones and 2 stereo speakers. The Chromebase is not only entirely secure but is also tremendously easy to set up and after plugging it in and connecting to a network, business users will be ready to get work.

Chrome OS features guest account support so users from other departments or divisions can log on and access the device in a shared space such as a meeting room or lounge area.

Network administrators will now have even more control over these devices thanks to Google's new remote fleet management tools. They will be able to receive alert notifications and even track the health of their Chrome devices for meetings. Administrators can also remotely diagnose the machines as well as troubleshoot audio, video and connectivity issues. The Chromebases are customisable and it will be possible to change their interfaces as well as their background images.

Chromebooks for meetings will be priced at $799 from Google's partners in the US, Canada, UK, Ireland and Australia. The first year's management and support fees will also be included with the purchase of each device. Google is also currently offering a deal where interested businesses can sign up to try two Chromebases for meetings for free for thirty days after which they will receive a discounted price of $549 per device if they decide to keep the devices.

However this deal will only be available for the initial 1,000 signups so if you or your company are interested in utilising Chrome OS for your meetings, now is the time to give Chromebase a try.

Image Credit: turtix / Shutterstock

Anthony Spadafora
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