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Businesses are digitally transforming their supply chain

Digital transformation of the supply chain is important to 75 per cent of businesses. Those are the results of a new and unique study conducted by Capgemini Consulting and GT Nexus, an Infor company.

What's more, for 50 per cent of businesses, digital transformation is 'very important'.

The two companies asked 337 executives from some of the largest global manufacturing and retail organizations across Europe and North America about digital transformations in the supply chain. The results have been published in The Current and Future State of Digital Supply Chain Transformation report.

Another key finding of the research is that 70 per cent of companies have already started a formal Digital Supply Chain Transformation effort.

But this is a hard process. More than 30 per cent of polled executives said they're not satisfied with how things are moving, with just 5 per cent saying they're "very satisfied”.

Businesses expect the supply chain process to significantly change within the next five years. In that time, 54 per cent of companies expect the majority of data from the extended supply chain to be available to them. Currently, the number sits at 15 per cent.

It’s practically the same with analysing data from the extended supply chain, and using it to make decisions. Currently, 23 per cent of respondents do that. In five years’ time, the number is expected to jump to 68 per cent.

Key technology enablers, pushing the digital transformation are Supply Chain Visibility Platforms/Tools (94 per cent), Big Data Analytics (90 per cent), Simulation Tools (81 per cent) and Cloud (80 per cent).