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New platform helps drive application release automation

Digital transformation strategies are often held back by complex IT systems that have been built over the years and represent significant investment. This may lead to departments seeking their own solutions, placing yet more pressure on back office systems.

Business automation firm Automic is launching new capabilities to its DevOps release automation product, Automic Release Automation, to allow companies to deliver greater agility, scalability, and speed in order to drive competitive advantage.

"We are simplifying how our customers execute on their DevOps journey by specifically targeting all of the applications across an enterprise with the goal of driving the digital transformation required by our clients", says Chris Boorman, chief marketing officer at Automic. "Our experience in automation, expertise in production IT environments, and industry recognised technology are key differentiators that position us and our clients for success. The Automic Blueprint for Continuous Delivery provides a practical approach that an enterprise can employ to scale continuous delivery across both back-office applications and the new digital front-office. This blueprint provides a clear and structured approach for all enterprises to use in driving their digital transformation".

Features include a new cloud-based sandbox, and visualisation of the delivery pipeline of all applications to better understand the impact and time implications of multiple concurrent releases throughout the organisation.

Automic Release Automation enables enterprises and service providers to serve multiple departments and clients in isolation from each other on a single shared platform, simplifying operations and maintenance, and making scaling easier.

It also integrates with the Automic marketplace allowing developers to contribute and utilise new content seamlessly. There's a new online assessment service too that will benchmark an enterprise against key indicators of maturity. By answering a set of simple questions, enterprises can benchmark themselves against the Automic standard, against their peers, their industry or their region.

You can find out more about Automic Release Automation, which is available now, on the company's website.

Image Credit: Stokkete / Shutterstock