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NVIDIA pushes into virtual reality with the VR Ready program

NVIDIA wants to be at the heart of virtual reality (VR) development, and has recently released a hardware-software program to make sure it gets there.

The NVIDIA VR Ready program offers developers all the tools, and techniques, required to create and enjoy the VR experience.

The program includes the Quadro professional GPUs, as well as VRWorks, the software development kit offering exclusive tools such as Context Priority, Multi-res Shading, Warp & Blend, Synchronization, GPU Affinity and GPU Direct.

The Quadro GPUs are already being offered in a few high-end computers, such as the MSI WT72 laptop (its hardware specs can be found here). NVIDIA says it is the 'world's fastest mobile GPU' unit, sporting 2,048 CUDA cores.

The company is hoping this program will not only be used to create entertainment content, but educational one, as well, as ' scientists, product designers, educators and filmmakers', can all use the program for their benefit.

“Providing customers with a high-fidelity VR experience during design review allows them to realistically visualize and make informed decisions, which can prevent costly design changes after construction has started,” said Alex Cunningham, VDC engineer at McCarthy Building Companies.

“With NVIDIA Quadro driving VR at high frame rates, the VR Ready MSI laptop lets us bring virtual reality to our clients’ locations and communicate designs more effectively.”

NVIDIA has invited everyone to the annual GPU Technology Conference, April 4-7, at the San Jose Convention Center in Silicon Valley, where it will showcase the Quadro VR Ready Workstations and the MSI WT72 professional VR Ready laptop.