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Vodafone offers regional support, to get closer to businesses

Vodafone is reorganising its business division into localised units that will be spread out across the country. That way, the company says it will be closer to businesses in the UK.

According to a press release announcing the move, Vodafone will have stationed dedicated teams of business specialists in towns and cities across the country, which will be led by Vodafone’s Head of Regional Business, Dave Langhorn.

The teams will provide 'grass roots support', to businesses and the public sector.

Vodafone’s teams will be located in London, West Midlands, Wales, East Midlands, East, Scotland, Northern Ireland, South West, South East, North West, North East and Yorkshire.

“We’re changing how we do business, putting more of our people where our customers are and where they run their businesses,” said Vodafone UK enterprise director, Phil Mottram. “We know that being able to respond quickly to our customers and being available when needed, is really important to organisations of all sizes up and down the country. Our new approach will enable us to do this better than ever before and see specialist business advisers and support teams becoming an integral part of local business communities across the private and public sector.”

The idea of deploying localised teams to get closer to businesses came after a successful pilot programme organised in Leeds last year.

“That pilot saw customer satisfaction rates significantly increase,” added Phil. “We were able to get to know our customers even better, and run or support events within local business communities.”