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Adobe patches Flash again

Adobe has issued a new and urgent fix for its Flash Player product, after it was unveiled that it had a vulnerability allowing attackers to crash the affected device, and maybe even take control of it.

All quiet on the Western front.

According to the advisory Adobe published on its website on Tuesday, the vulnerability, CVE-2016-1019, affects Flash Player version running Windows, Mac, Linux and Chrome OS.

The advisory also says the vulnearbility is being actively exploited on systems running Windows 7 and Windows XP, with Flash Player version and earlier.

A mitigation, which was introduced in Flash Player, prevents the exploatation of this vulnerability, Adobe added.

A security update for this vulnerability is planned to be released on April 7.

Flash Player used to be the number one player in the world, but with such a large user base, it was also the number one target for hackers looking to exploit it.

As it turns out, they have managed to do it one time too many, prompting many companies to abandon the Player. Adobe still hasn't given up on Flash Player, issuing patch after patch, fixing one critical issue after another. Yet, the company itself acknowledged that the old player will soon be replaced by the young and mighty HTML5.

It has announced it will build a program called Animate CC, for developing content using the HTML5 language, for future web animations.