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Intel buys Yogitech to make its IoT more reliable

American tech giants Intel announced yesterday it has acquired Yogitech, a not-your-average Italian company that focuses on making the technology of today reliable.

In professional terms, it's called 'functional safety', and it means processors running various IoT devices are working as they're intended, and that they're reporting in case they're not.

Basically, an essential part to making IoT a commercial success tomorrow.

Yogitech will now join Intel's IoT group, but the company failed to say how much the acquisition cost. It also didn't want to disclose the product roadmap details, although it did say the new addition in both people and technology will take its autonomous systems efforts 'to the next level'.

Announcing the acquisition in a blog post, Intel's Ken Caviasca said: "This acquisition furthers our efforts to win in ADAS, robotics and autonomous machines for market segments like automotive, industrial and other IoT systems that require functional safety and high performance.”

The acquisition didn’t’ come out of the blue, though. According to a TechCrunch report, the two have been working together in the past, as well – through a third company called Altera, which Intel also acquired, last year.

TechCrunch also says that Yogitech works with other chip makers as well, including Infineon, so it will be interesting to see how these relationships will work now.

Intel’s IoT division is going to look a lot different next year. Besides the acquisition, it was also recently announced that the division’s general manager Doug Davis is retiring at the end of 2016.