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Use behaviour analytics to strengthen mobile and web security

Whether it's down to stolen credentials, weak passwords or bot-based attacks, the threat of an account takeover is one of the major worries for most users.

Mobile identity company TeleSign is launching Behavior ID, a new offering that enables web and mobile applications to measure and analyse a user's behavioural patterns to provide continuous authentication, even after the user has been verified with traditional security measures like passwords.

It provides an additional, transparent layer of security for every type of online account or mobile application, ensuring they are protected from fraud, without the need for user interaction. Behavior ID delivers a 'similarity score' based on a set of behavioural biometric traits that are collected, analysed and rated as users go about their everyday tasks, from initial account creation through ongoing access and usage of an account. This profile is then used to calculate a similarity ratio between the user's current behaviour and their historical, expected behaviour. It can therefore streamline the user experience for known good users, while providing a basis for challenging potentially bad or fraudulent users by asking for re-verification, or two-factor authentication.

No user interaction is required to enroll, enable, and start protecting an account from compromise. Users simply continue to use their web or mobile application as normal with no change to their workflow or behaviour.

"With Behavior ID, our customers can immediately increase the level of identity assurance for every user account they have, without adding friction," says Steve Jillings, CEO at TeleSign. "The power of Behavior ID is its ability to adapt to the user, transparently producing a digital fingerprint from a user's behavior to confirm their identity and develop an ongoing authentication without requiring the consumer to do anything. Best of all, these unique biometric patterns are extremely accurate, from the way we move our hand on a mobile device screen or with a mouse, it is virtually impossible to precisely imitate another person's behavior".

Behavior ID SDKs for web and mobile applications are available from today for developers to embed into new or existing web and mobile app platforms. More information can be found on the TeleSign website.

Image Credit: Kirill Wright / Shutterstock