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Volkswagen chooses Mirantis to deploy OpenStack

German carmakers Volkswagen Group have announced that they have chosen Mirantis to deploy OpenStack as it builds its private cloud and standardises digital operations.

Announcing the deal, Volkswagen said Mirantis has passed a 'comprehensive and rigorous selection process' with flying colours. "Mirantis demonstrated a 98 per cent execution rate across 64 use cases, and emerged as the most stable and fastest to implement among industry OpenStack distributions,” the company said in a press release.

"As the automotive industry shifts to the service economy, Volkswagen is poised for agile software innovation. The team at Mirantis gives us a robust, hardened distribution, deep technical expertise, a commitment to the OpenStack community, and the ability to drive cloud transformation at Volkswagen. Mirantis OpenStack is the engine that lets Volkswagen's developers build and deliver software faster." said Mario Müller, Volkswagen VP IT Infrastructure.

But this is not just important for Mirantis and Volkswagen and their business – there’s the bigger picture. Networkworld’s Ben Kepes notices a couple of key reasons why this is huge news – one being that Volkswagen has usually been a Red Hat customer, meaning the company has switched ships. The other key reason lies in VW’s future plans.

As the company plans on connecting all of its cars to the internet in the next couple of years, this basically means that Mirantis will, through OpenStack, power Volkswagen's self-driving cars.

"OpenStack is the open source cloud standard offering companies a fast path to cloud innovation. It is our privilege to partner with Europe's largest automaker and we are thrilled to support them as they use the software to out-innovate competitors and expand their business on a global scale." added Mirantis SVP, Marque Teegardin.