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Three new Surface Phones could be on the way

The Lumia is dead, and Microsoft will probably focus its smartphone efforts on a new line, most likely the Surface Phone line.

With that in mind, reports have started coming out that there could be three Surface Phones coming out, different in hardware, depending on the consumer segment it's targeting. Keep in mind that this is all still in good measure in speculation territory.

The three phones are presumably coming out in 2017, to be in line with a couple of things.

First of all, Microsoft's new mobile operating system, the Windows 10 Mobile, is still in development, and the Redstone 2, a major update to the OS, is planned for spring 2017.

Hardware-wise, it would also seem logical for Microsoft to wait it out a bit – Intel’s next-gen processor family, currently named ‘Kaby Lake’, should be available in late 2016. It would make sense for Microsoft to try it out, especially knowing that the Skylake family failed to impress.

The three models could differ depending on the consumer segment it’s targeting – so we could see a consumer phone, a business phone and a ‘prosumer’ phone.

According to Windows Central, there are still no information on what exactly will differentiate the three phones, but one thing is almost certain – they will have different price tags.

Among the features we’ll most likely see is the Microsoft Pen. The conclusion comes after the Build conference, where ‘smart inking’ was open to all developers.

The Universal Pen Framework (UPF), which is being built with Wacom, also points in the same direction.

Microsoft is desperate to make an impact in the smartphone world, and if that means it needs to take its time – by all means, do.