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Windows 10 gets a new preview

Even though Microsoft's latest operating system, Windows 10, was officially released last year, the company is still developing the OS, and has recently announced a new preview for PCs.

The new build features a couple of interesting improvements and fixes.

First, you can now run Bash in Windows. You can do this by turning on the Developer Mode (Settings>Update & Security>For Developers, and search for ‘Windows Features’, where you can turn Windows features on), and then opening the Command prompt and typing Bash.

Then, there are some nifty improvements for Cortana. First, it supports Android/Windows cross-devicing (in US and China at the moment). With this feature, Cortana can now notify users, on the PC, that their smartphone is running out of battery. Users can also ask Cortana, on the PC, to find their smartphone using either geo-location or ringing the phone.

And finally, Cortana can now share directions with your mobile device. If you find a location on a map, on your PC, you can tell Cortana “directions to [place]”, and they’ll appear on the smartphone.

The assistant is now also easier to set up on the smartphone.

Other improvements include new Edge features (Pin It Button and OneNote Clipper), the new Universal Skype App, and various improvements for the Action Centre.

There’s also the new Connect app, which allows you to use Windows 10 with Continuum, without needing to dock the device.

All the new features, including a bunch of new emoji, can be found in the Windows blog post, right here.

Credit: Shutterstock/Anton Watman