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Businesses unaware of specialised security for virtual environments

Some businesses are protecting their virtual environments with standard endpoint security solutions, which can lead to a whole lot of trouble, security researchers claim.

According to new reports from the security firm , 73 per cent of companies are using standard Endpoint Security-class solutions to protect their virtual environments, which can lead to issues such as reduced performance and even system failure.

What's more, more than a third (34 per cent) don't even know that there are specialised security products for virtual environments.

On the other hand, 27 per cent of companies are using specialised solutions, with 48 per cent of these using agent-based solutions.

“Compared to traditional endpoint security, most customers of specialized solutions benefit from lower resource consumption and enhanced performance, but this is not the only reason. In large installations, the ease of management that accompanies an agentless approach is the top factor, and when it comes to securing VDI environments, a light agent approach becomes the only way to achieve high performance without compromising the security,” said Alexander Onishchenko, Product manager at Kaspersky Lab.

Using the wrong type of security can put a lot of strain on the system, reduce its performance and even lead to service failure, Kaspersky Lab warns. By using specialised solutions, the load will be reduced, preventing problematic situations that can arise with peak loads.

The company recommends two versions of its Kaspersky Lab for Virtualization – light-agent and agentless. The agentless one operates without any software installed, and works exclusively through VMware and vShield.

Image source: Shutterstock/alphaspirit