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FBI won't tell Apple how it cracked the iPhone 5C

The FBI / Apple fight is not yet over, and now it's FBI's time to annoy the tech company.

Speaking at an event in Ohio on Wednesday night, FBI director James Comey said the bureau would not be sharing the secret of how they managed to get into a locked iPhone 5C with Apple.

You see, they want to be able to use the technique again, if need be.

"If we tell Apple, they're going to fix it and we're back where we started," Comey said. "As silly as it may sound, we may end up there. We just haven't decided yet,” FBI director Comey said.

He also said that the secret technique works on a very “narrow slice of phones”, including the iPhone 5C belonging to the San Bernardino shooter, Syed Farook.

The vulnerability that is tied to the hack obviously has something to do with the operating system the phone is powered by.

He also didn’t want to go into details about who helped the FBI crack the phone. "Someone outside the government, in response to that attention, came up with a solution," he said. "One that I am confident will be closely protected and used lawfully and appropriately."

Just days before the FBI announced its success with cracking the phone, the BBC reported how an Israeli cyber-security firm Cellebrite is working with the bureau. Nobody knows what they were working on, but the media speculated it might have been the iPhone 5C.

The company says, on its website, that it can successfully retrieve data from locked iPhone 5C devices.

Image source: Shutterstock/Gil C