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New solution launched to defend connected cars against cyber attacks

In our increasingly connected world it isn't just your computer or smartphone that can fall victim to attack. The Internet of Things is producing a whole new generation of vulnerable devices.

Not least of these are connected cars where attackers can potentially infiltrate and take control over car systems, even killing the engine as you drive.

A new Israeli startup company Karamba Security has produced a purpose-built ECU solution that protects a car's externally connected components. It can identify attack attempts and block exploits from infiltrating the car's network to ensure drivers' safety.

Security detection and enforcement capabilities can be embedded directly on the ECU to ensure only explicitly allowed code and applications can be loaded and run on the controller. Karamba blocks any foreign code, which means the controller is safe from attackers, regardless of how they entered (via the internet, USB drive, service port, etc), with no false alarms.

"Customers have been very excited about our ECU endpoint approach," says Ami Dotan, CEO of Karamba Security. "By stopping attacks at the ECU, attackers can't make it inside the car's network, which means the car's ongoing operations are safe. Our early warning and malware prevention capabilities allow car companies to provide drivers smart vehicles that will get them where they want to go, safely."

The solution can be used to protect existing as well as new cars, manufacturers are able to retro fit protection to older models as part of an ECU software update.

Karamba has received received $2.5 million in seed funding from YL Ventures and from the GlenRock private investment company. "We were impressed with Karamba's unique focus on developing an unobtrusive solution to the cybersecurity problems of the automotive industry," says Yoav Leitersdorf, managing partner of YL Ventures. "The experience of the team gave us confidence they could take a unique, shrink wrapped, approach and make it a reality."

You can find out more about the risks and how Karamba's protection works on the company's website.

Photo Credit: ssguy/Shutterstock