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The costs of paper vs cloud archiving [Infographic]

What if a company were to go 100 per cent paperless? That's probably a dream of many companies but, thanks to modern technology, it isn't actually that far out of reach.

Data management company Solix has created an infographic comparing the costs of paper and digital archiving in the enterprise, assuming a company size of 500 employees. While the comparison is based on best and worst case scenarios, the benefits of going paperless are still evident due to factors like cost, convenience and ease of use.

Surprisingly, the infographic found that enterprises spend over $54,000 per year on paper alone, not including the cost of printing. Compare this to archiving in the cloud and the cost would be less than $800. That's a hugely significant saving for a company of any size and something that can't be ignored.

Security comes into the equation as well. According to the infographic, 65 per cent of people said that password-protected digital documents are secure, compared to just 45 per cent for paper documents locked in a filing cabinet.

Take a look at the full comparison below.


Image source: Shutterstock/Who is Danny