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Bad in-store Wi-Fi can hurt your business

If you thought there was no need to have Wi-Fi connectivity in your store, you're dead wrong. Not only that, but not having a Wi-Fi network, or having a poor one for that matter, can significantly affect your business and revenue.

The idea was showcased in a new report by communication provider Vodat International. The report, entitled The Battle of the Bandwidths, says that 60 per cent of UK shoppers use their smartphones in 50 per cent of their shopping trips.

There’s also a quarter of shoppers (25 per cent), which use their smartphone on their every shopping trip.

The report shows the true importance of a robust in-store Wi-Fi network: a quarter (25 per cent) of consumers have lost loyalty to a retailer following a network incident, and 20 per cent have stopped visiting that store for a while.

But how big is this problem? According to the report – pretty big, actually. Seventy-five per cent of consumers said they had encountered problems with weak networks in stores in the past year. A third of shoppers said they had experienced slow card machine issues and issues at self-service check-outs, while 40 per cent said they were ‘frustrated’ with slow public Wi-Fi networks.

“In the age of the ‘digital High Street’, to meet the demands of tech-savvy shoppers retailers need to integrate online and offline retail,” said Paul Leybourne, head of sales at Vodat International. Critical to this is creating a roadmap for engaging bricks-and-mortar customers in an increasingly digitised world – a world in which customers are won and lost on the strength of the retail network.”

Image source: Shutterstock/Georgejmclittle