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EMC and Dell will form the Voltron of cloud business

Looking at the latest figures from market analysts IDC, it seems as EMC and Dell are something of a business Voltron.

Once their strengths are combined, they will basically rule the cloud world. The forecast was made by The Register, which had a closer look at IDC's Worldwide Quarterly Cloud IT Infrastructure Tracker.

The Tracker publishes data after it combines sales of servers, storage and Ethernet switches by public and private clouds.

Combining Dell's and EMC's cloud revenues puts the new company firmly at the number one spot, with a market share of 18.2 per cent, and revenue growth of 39.9 per cent for 2014/15.

HP would grab the number two spot, with a 15.7 per cent market share, and revenue growth of 27.3 per cent for the same period.

The Register goes on saying that the merger, and the new company's position in the market is as interesting as the fact that Cisco will remain alone in the second tier, with IBM and NetApp finding their place in the 'distant third'.

Oracle, Fujitsu, Lenovo, Huawei, Quanta, Inspur, SuperMicro – none of these giants will have made it to the top five.

According to IDC, the biggest growth will be in the public cloud sector.

Kuba Stolarski, research director for computing platforms, says enterprises “are modernizing their infrastructures along specific workload, performance, and TCO requirements, with a general tendency to move into 3rd Platform, next-gen technologies.”

Photo Credit: wavebreakmedia/Shutterstock