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Higher adoption of software-defined data centres expected

Business and IT executives in the UK and the US (62 per cent) expect a higher adoption of Software-Defined Data Centres (SDDC) this year, but the projection for faster deployment is slightly higher in the UK (67 per cent), compared to the US (64 per cent).

Those are the results of a new study conducted by security, compliance and control software company HyTrust, and co-sponsored by Intel. The study takes a look at the issues and trends among businesses migrating to the cloud and software-defined data centre.

There are some sharp differences between businesses in the two countries, regarding SDDC, with 30 per cent of UK’s businesses expecting greater tangible benefits and return on investment (ROI), compared to 56 per cent in the US.

Adoption for network virtualisation is expected among 23 per cent in the UK, and at 56 per cent in the US, while adoption for storage virtualisation is expected among 31 per cent in the UK, and 58 per cent in the US.

There is also a sharp difference between the two countries in the better alignment of security strategies built to address SDDC – 14 per cent have aligned their strategies in the UK, compared to 48 per cent in the US.

Even though security is still the number one issue stopping businesses from deploying all of their apps to the cloud, the report suggests signs of optimism.

When asked if security will be less of an obstacle to greater SDDC adoption by the end of this year, 68 per cent in the UK and 69 per cent in the US say “Yes.”

Image source: Shutterstock/wavebreakmedia