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Atos to unveil a new supercomputer

French IT services company Atos will today announce Bull sequana, the world's most efficient supercomputer.

The computer, which will be presented by Atos Chairman and CEO, Thierry Breton, is expected to reach exascale level by 2020, processing a billion billion operations per second.

No, that was not a typo.

The company said the computer is 10 times more energy-efficient and 10 times denser, compared to similar existing systems.

“Atos is one out of three or four worldwide players having the expertise and know-how to build supercomputers today – and the only one in Europe,” Breton said.

“It is a source of pride for our company and provides a unique competitive advantage for our clients. With Atos’ Bull sequana astounding compute performance, businesses can now more efficiently maximize the value of data on a daily basis. By 2020, Bull sequana will reach exaflops level and will be able to process a billion billion operations per second,” he added.

The company said there are countless uses for the machine, with personalised medicine, precision agriculture and meteorology just being some of them.

With the help of such a machine, fog patches and storms near airports could be forecast with greater ease.

The Bull sequana was built in the Atos factory of Angers, with support from the CEA and the French High Performance Computing Equipment Agency (GENCI), as well as Intel.

Many businesses and private companies all around the world use Bull supercomputers to do research and innovation, including Valeo, Safran, Dassault-Aviation, Thalès, Météo-France, Grenoble and Reims Champagne Ardenne universities in France, and Cenearo simulation center for aeronautics in Belgium.