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New SanDisk InfiniFlash system offers double the performance

Global storage firm SanDisk announced today new upgrades to its InfiniFlash series, bringing higher transfer speeds while retaining the same capacity.

The latest addition to the InfiniFlash series comes in the form of the InfiniFlash F150 system, which comes with 12Gbps SAS connectivity. The company says the new connectivity means twice the performance, all while retaining the massive capacity to big data and hyperscale workloads previous versions have.

“Since its launch, the game-changing performance and economic benefits of the InfiniFlash System have been recognized by customers—from data centers in research institutions doing big data analytics to web providers, hyperscalers and video streaming companies who manage data on a massive scale, and more,” said Ravi Swaminathan, vice president and general manager of systems and software solutions at SanDisk.

“With our new IF150 system, we have pushed the performance even further, while at the same time delivering massive-scale storage at a price point that makes business sense.”

The system's key features include the delivery of up to two million raw IOPS, with consistently low latency. Moreover, it offers half a petabyte (512 terabytes) of flash storage in a 3-rack unit system. In terms of connectivity, SanDisk says it can directly connect up to eight off-the-shelf servers.

For storage, it offers $1 per GB.

“While all-flash arrays continue to exhibit strong double digit growth, the cost of these solutions is undergoing an increasingly downward trend,” said Eric Burgener, research director at IDC.

“As these flash alternatives reach price parity with HDD-based systems, we are starting to see more data center customers able to consider them for their storage requirements. The introduction of the InfiniFlash IF150 system brings higher performance at an effective dollar-per-gigabyte price point; in turn allowing a variety of new enterprise workloads to benefit from flash storage performance.”