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Flexera extends software asset management to the cloud

While it's important for companies to manage their software licensing effectively, with the shift of many systems to the cloud doing so has become more difficult.

Software asset management specialist Flexera is riding to the rescue with the launch of a new solution addressing the management of cloud Infrastructure-as-a-Service.

FlexNet Manager for Cloud Infrastructure gives organisations centralised visibility into their cloud services use and allows them to optimise utilisation and control costs. This first release focuses on optimisation of Amazon Web Services (AWS) - the most widely adopted cloud infrastructure service.

"The cloud services industry is growing more than five times faster than other IT categories as organisations shift away from internal hardware to greater use of public cloud infrastructures. This shift in spend means having the ability to track, manage and optimise cloud services usage is essential for responsible governance and cost management," says Jim Ryan, president and CEO of Flexera Software. "With FlexNet Manager for Cloud Infrastructure as part of FlexNet Manager Suite for Enterprises, Flexera Software enables companies to manage and optimise cloud infrastructure services and the software running in the cloud, along with traditional on-premises software".

FlexNet Manager for Cloud Infrastructure can automatically import usage and billing data from multiple accounts to deliver a centralised view of all AWS accounts and instances across the business. A cloud dashboard provides an executive-level view of the organisation's use of cloud resources, showing consumption patterns and total spend across all AWS cloud subscriptions.

Cloud usage analysis and reporting enables organisations to eliminate waste and optimise spend. Users can analyse data and view consumption reports and breakdowns based on AWS instance types, both On-demand and Reserved instances, view consumption rates by departments and perform trending analysis.

You can find out more about the product and its features on the Flexera website.

Photo Credit: kentoh/Shutterstock