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Lack of career progression pushes IT experts away

The lack of career progression opportunities are forcing IT experts everywhere to go looking for a new job. Those are the results of a new report by global technology company EMC.

According to the report, entitled The Great Skills Exodus, career progression seems to be more important to IT experts than higher pay.

The report polled 500 IT and cyber-security workers in the UK and Ireland, and it says that 71 per cent have looked for new job openings, with 49 citing career progression restrictions as the key driver.

“Organisations across the UK of all sizes are focused on tackling the opportunities and threats in their markets, brought on by new technologies,” says Ross Fraser, UK and Ireland country manager at EMC.

“The expectations of the information generation in our workforce that tools in the workplace reflect the ease of use, availability and innovation experienced in our personal lives create further challenges for businesses in delivering the right opportunities for employees. The good news is that, through working closely together, both the business and employee objectives can be achieved.”

Twenty-six per cent said stubbornness to change the way ‘things have always been done’ is a major obstacle, while for 23 per cent, it’s the lack of understanding the IT role is what pushes them away.

Almost a third (30 per cent) said they’d move because they couldn’t demonstrate their full ability at their current position.

“Technology is at the heart of business transformation and the IT team is ideally placed to help any organisation navigate new opportunities and threats in the market,” Fraser continues. “With employment of IT professionals forecast to grow at 1.62 percent per year by 2020, businesses must ensure that they offer the most compelling career opportunities in order to retain the best staff, or risk losing as many as three quarters of their IT team in the coming months – something which would have a hugely detrimental impact on any organisation. With a vast number of organisations searching for skilled IT staff, the vacancies for them to move to are plentiful, so I would urge businesses to review their options and the opportunities they can offer their teams, now.”