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UK lags behind in progressive IT practices, says Claranet

There are clear disparities in the way European businesses are handling their IT, a new survey (PDF) by managed services provider Claranet suggests.

The report, which formally launched at Cloud Expo Europe, surveyed 900 IT decision makers in the UK, France, Germany, Spain, Portugal and the Benelux. According to the report, France, Spain and the Benelux are at the forefront of progressive practices, while the UK, Germany and Portugal seem to be lagging behind.

Here's what the survey found:

Benelux has the highest percentage of cloud-hosted apps (72 per cent), followed by France (64 per cent). Germany has 55 per cent, UK 50 per cent and Portugal 47 per cent.

DevOps adoption rates are the highest in Benelux (44 per cent), followed by France (38 per cent). The UK has the lowest adoption rate (26 per cent), trailing Germany and Portugal (28 per cent).

Business apps in the Benelux are updated weekly in 61 per cent of cases. Spain is second with 56 per cent, the UK third with 40 per cent, and Portugal last with 34 per cent.

“Businesses need to constantly transform themselves and innovate to stay relevant, or risk being overtaken by new, more disruptive businesses,” said Charles Nasser, founder and Chief Executive Officer for Claranet.

"While European businesses are increasingly adopting innovative practices, with greater levels of public cloud and DevOps adoption being reported than a year ago, it is clear that some countries are further along in their transformations than others.”

Image Credit: Yorkman / Shutterstock