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Zendesk Message to help brands manage Facebook Messenger traffic

Just as Facebook announced that it's going to allow developers to build bots for its Messenger platform, Zendesk was among the first ones to take advantage of the new offering.

The software development company from San Francisco announced a new product called Zendesk Message, aimed at its customer service aspect.

Basically, when customers use Messenger to try and interact with a brand, it might happen that they're greeted by a bot, in case an easier question is at hand. For more complex matters, they'll probably hear from a living person.

“Messenger is more than just another support channel -- it’s becoming the destination where customers can browse, buy and receive important information,” said Royston Tay, general manager of messaging at Zendesk. “Today’s businesses must meet customers wherever they are and combine the personal touch of human interactions with the convenience of automated activities through bots.”

Zendesk said BarkBox, a subscription service for dog owners, is already using its services. Apparently, the average response time has increased 'dramaticaly', from 60 down to 4 minutes.

"Bark & Co. is obsessed with offering our pup parents and their dogs an amazing customer experience,” said Hernan Giraldo, head of customer experience operations at Bark & Co. “Through Zendesk, we saw our average response times on Messenger decrease dramatically, even as the number of meaningful conversations on the channel doubled.”

Chats and other social media channels are changing the way we interact with brands, and new offerings like this one are another proof of the changes coming in customer relations.

Image Credit: d8nn / Shutterstock