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New sales platform combines human and machine intelligence

Much of the sales process is about making effective use of information about existing and potential customers. But often that knowledge isn't easily accessible and therefore not used effectively.

A new platform from sales transformation specialist Altify aims to give B2B sales teams real-time visibility into the process based on stored knowledge and its built-in contextual insight engine.

Called Altify Max it monitors what is happening in the opportunity, the account, and the pipeline and forecast, assesses the impact, and notifies the salesperson to act with a suggested measure. Max has 30 years of deep sales knowledge and insights built in to the software, and customers can extend and customise the knowledge with their own insights. This real-time coaching solution is aimed at making the sales team more effective and delivering better results.

"Altify's ongoing mission is to help salespeople provide more value for their customers, and become true business partners," says Donal Daly, CEO of Altify. "We have always embedded knowledge, insight and context into the applications on the Altify Platform, but what makes Max so exciting is that we have poured a lot more knowledge into the system, added contextual notifications, and given our customers the capability to add their own knowledge and insights. This is really augmented intelligence for everyone who uses Salesforce. It is the perfect platform to enable companies to take their sales organisations to a higher level of performance and professionalism".

Benefits of the Max platform include increased engagement and effectiveness, with sales teams able to work more productively. Max can identify warning signs, so salespeople can address risk earlier in the sales process.

Max has been developed using 30 years of sales knowledge and packaged as a set of 'business rules' or insights that can help guide salespeople as they are working their opportunities or accounts. Organisations can personalise Max by customising or extending the supplied knowledge and by creating insights specific to their own business.

Max will be generally available from next month and you can find out more on the company's website.

Image Credit: Tatiana Shepeleva / Shutterstock