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Two-thirds of OpenStack deployments now in production

There are some really cool news regarding OpenStack this morning. According to the OpenStack Foundation, 65 per cent of OpenStack deployments are now in production.

That's a big deal because a year ago, the number was at 32 per cent. What's more, the main cause of the increase seems to be the rising popularity of OpenStack.

It also says 97 per cent of community members opted for OpenStack because “standardising on the same open platform and APIs that power a global network of public and private clouds” was one of their top five considerations.

All of this was released in the seventh survey of OpenStack users, which gathered responses from more than 1,600 users, coming from 1,111 businesses everywhere. It took three weeks to get the survey done.

“Being a flexible framework to build on is the most important aspect of the OpenStack platform,” said one user from a global financial institution. “Also, being able to support both traditional and cloud-native workloads is very important because large enterprises don't have the luxury of dropping their legacy applications and forklifting them into the microservices-type designs from day one. The benefits of the cloud are too great to only allow new workloads onto the platform.”

The survey also says OpenStack is becoming 'de facto open source enterprise Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) API'. The OpenStack community is still largely interested in the Container technology, and it seems that the two most recent OpenStack releases, Kilo and Liberty, are being rapidly adopted.

The full survey can be found on this link.