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UK beats Germany at the fourth industrial revolution

The UK is slightly ahead of Germany in terms of the fourth industrial revolution, but there is still much room for improvement, a new survey says.

The Cisco Digital Readiness survey has surveyed IT leaders in eight countries and eight industries, dividing them into ‘forwards’ and ‘laggers’ categories, and pitting them against each other.

According to the report, globally, the ‘forwards’ have an average score of 77. The UK’s score is 75, while Germany scored 72. “Even the most advanced companies scored only 77 on a 100-point scale – passable, but with significant room for improvement,” the report says.

The survey also says organisations struggle with security policies. Most organisations achieve about 65 per cent compliance to security, policies, with the same percentage in the UK. Germany is at 60 per cent.

More than 43 per cent of global IT leaders cited security as their primary concern, with Germany saying the same (43 per cent), and the UK going just slightly below (42 per cent).

The report also says IT is too slow to react. Less than a half of companies can deliver on requests within 48 hours. In the UK, that is true for a third of businesses (33 per cent), and more than a third (40 per cent) in Germany.

When it comes to automatizing businesses, there is lots of room for improvement there, as well. Globally, more than two thirds of IT requests request a human action. In Germany, that’s at 64 per cent, and in the UK, 63 per cent.

“As we all know, digital readiness is not defined by IT capabilities alone,” writes Inbar Lasser-Raab, Cisco vice president for Infrastructure and Digital Solutions Marketing.

“Digital transformation involves changes in technology, processes, IT skillsets, and even business models. But having a strong foundation in your enterprise network and data centre can provide big advantages in agility and time to market. In a world where new competitive business models can change your market in weeks, having an agile, digitally ready IT organization is a clear necessity.”